Send Group Text Message

A fully integrated text messaging system that allows you to send a single text message to a group of parents or employees. With the Send Group Text Message task, you can send a text to large unfiltered groups, or narrow them down to small highly specific group. However you use it, the Send Group Text Message task is another innovative way to communicate with parents and employees.

Batch Text Screen
Group SMS Batch Text Messaging Screen

Common Uses

  • Snow days:  Alert parents when snow or inclement weather forces your center to close early.
  • Center closings :  Alert parents of unscheduled school closings.
  • Sick child : Notify a parent when their child becomes sick.
  • Employee Meetings:  Remind staff of upcoming meetings and events.
  • Child’s Day: Keep parents posted on how their child’s day went.
  • Registration Reminder: Send a reminder for upcoming registration.
  • Event Cancellations:  Notify parents when a planned special event is cancelled.
  • Schedule Changes:  Notify parents of Center schedule changes.
  • Last-Minute Reminders:  Send out last minute reminders.
  • Call For Volunteers:  Send out a call for volunteers.
  • Announcements: Send out announcements
  • Holiday: Send parents a reminder of upcoming Holidays.


  • Efficiency: Text messaging is the quickest, most efficient way to communicate with your parents and prospective parents. Consider the following:
    • 98% of all text messages sent on a daily basis are opened.
    • 83% of all text messages sent on a daily basis are opened within 3 minutes.
    • Text messaging has a significantly higher response rate from direct communication than telephone, email, or post.
  • Convenience: Childcare Manager’s integrated text messaging greatly simplifies the process of communicating with your parents.
  • Flexibility: Text messages can quickly deliver a wide range of important information to your parents such as: alerts, notifications, requests, and reminders.
  • Customer Experience: Childcare Manager’s integrated text messaging capability can greatly improve your customer experience by making your parent’s lives easier.
  • Response: Text messages have a very high response rate. This is due to the ease and speed by which parents can reply.
  • Personal: Using Childcare Manager’s text messaging features, messages can be easily customized to the demographic that they are targeted for, such as programs, classrooms, or other preferences.


  • Integration: Fully integrated in Childcare Manager
  • Flexibility: Capability to filter and send text messages by :
    Family Filters Child Filters Employee Filters
    Family Status Child Status Employee Status
    Family Group Child Program Employee Department
    Family Referral Source Child Primary Classroom Employee Position
    First Contact Date Child Currently Clock-in
    Family Balance Child Wait List Date
    Ledger Activity Dates Child Withdrawal Date
    Child Enrollment Date
  • Text message history: The SMS history window is located in the Family menu drop down list. It gives you the date, text message content, confirmation status, total message sent and the type of message. Also, each batch contains the recipient’s name, SMS number on file and their individual confirmation status.
    Text History
    Text Message History in Childcare Manager


  • Standard Service: $0.04 cents for each text message sent. There are no other fees. You are only charged for the times you use the service. All text messages sent out using the Standard Service are sent out using one of our common SMS numbers. Because of this, message confirmations are not available to centers using the Standard Service.
  • Optional Services: For centers desiring to generate and track confirmations, a unique SMS number is available for a $5.50 monthly fee. This allows you to receive and track return text messages from parents confirming receipt of your original message. It also allows you to receive and respond to return text messages with potentially important information or parent requests.