The online package includes Backup, Email, the Parent Portal and Lead Capture for a low monthly price.

            $32.95 per month



Online Backup allows the school to backup their Childcare Manager’s data to our off-site data center.

            $10.99 per month



Email service allows sending email directly from Childcare Manager.

            $15.99 per month


Parent Portal:

Allows parents to enroll their children online. Also allows parents to update their information and download resources.

            $19.99 per month


Lead Capture:

Allows leads to be entered directly into the lead center from a contact form on your website.

            $5.99 per month


SMS Messaging:

SMS Messaging allows your school to send SMS messages directly from Childcare Manager. SMS Messages will come from a generic phone number unless you setup your own phone number. Setting up your own phone number gives you more control over how you manage your customer’s experience.

            With a generic phone number $0.04 a message.

            With a personal phone number $5.50 per month plus $0.04 a message.