Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a tool that lets you connect with new and existing families online. You can customize enrollment questions, settings and even the way your portal looks to give it that personal touch. Also, parents can visit your parent portal and enroll their children into your school, update their personal information and even download important documents involving their children.

Parent Portal Administration Page
Parent Portal Administration Page


  • Integration: There is the Parent Portal task in your Childcare Manager’s Family Center. From this task you can view real time updates and enrollments from your online Parent Portal.
  • Child Enrollment: New and existing parents can go online and enroll their children into your school.
    Family Enrollment Page
  • Update Information: Existing parents can login into their personal account on your Parent Portal and update important information without having to contact you. After they have updated their information you will have the chance to review and accept their changes from your Childcare Manager.
  • Customization: You can customize the look and feel of your Parent Portal so as to reflect the style and personality of your childcare facility.


  • Convenience: The Parent Portal is integrated into your Childcare Manager, so you can view real time updates and notifications from new and existing families from the Parent Portal task in the Family Center.
  • Customer Experience: Families can access your Parent Portal online and enroll their children and update their personal information from the comfort of their own home.
  • Easy to use: The Parent Portal is easy to navigate and understand.


  • Have your own unique parent portal for $19.99 per month.