CCM Online Backup

CCM Online Backup is an integrated cloud solution for protecting your Childcare Manager data from partial or total loss. Your backups are run automatically and unattended on the days and times you schedule. This saves you time by not having to manually backup your data and guarantees your backups are run when you want them run. Setup is easy and your backups are encrypted to ensure no one but you has access to your stored data.

Online backup console
CCM Online Backup Console


  • Run backups manually or automatically: Run your backups manually or create a schedule to run them automatically.
  • Customizable schedule:  Choose the days of the week and the times you want your backups to be run.
  • Backup size: No limit is placed on the size of your backups.
  • Number of backups stored: CCM Online Backup retains your 30 latest backups.
  • Wake computer from sleep mode: If your computer is in sleep mode, CCM Online Backup can wake your computer to allow your backup to run.
  • Compression: Backup files are compressed prior to leaving your server, saving time and storage space.
  • Encryption: Your backup files are encrypted and remain secure while stored.
  • Control center: Childcare Manager includes a Backup Console that includes the following functions.
    • Status board: The status board displays date of last backup, date of next backup, date backup was last modified, number of days since last backup.
    • Enable Online Backup: This feature allows you to enable or disable CCM Online backup.
    • Backup scheduler: The backup scheduler is used to schedule the days and times you want your backups to run.
    • Note with backup: This feature allows you to include a note with a backup.
    • One-time instant backup: This feature allows you to perform an instant unscheduled backup at any time.
    • Restore panel: The restore panel provides a list of your archived backups. You select the backup you want to restore from this list.
    • Backup log: The backup log is a list of backup activity from the PC the client is running on. The log includes date and time of backup, event type (started, finished, failed), and backup type (full or incremental).


  • Avoids risk: Provides a simple, yet effective way to avoid the risk of losing all of Childcare Manager’s management and accounting data due to hard drive failure, fire, theft, or other causes.
  • Peace of mind: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and will be available in the event Childcare Manager loses all its’ data.
  • Unattended backups: You don’t have to be present when your backups are run. Your backups can be run unattended.
  • Schedule backups: You can schedule your backups to run automatically. You don’t have to run your backups manually.
  • Cloud storage: Your data is stored in the cloud not on your computer or at your facility. It’s always available even if your computer is lost or damaged or your facility is destroyed.
  • Backup file size: You don’t need to worry about increased data storage costs when the size of your data files increase. File size for backups is unlimited.
  • Encryption: Your data is encrypted to ensure your data is secure
  • Data storage: CCM Online Backup uses Amazon's world-class data storage facilities. The security and protection provided by these facilities ensures your content is safe.
  • Data access: With the CCM Online Backup Console accessing and restoring your backups is easy. Access your data anywhere you have access to the Internet. One of the most common uses is owner access of their data at home.


  • CCM Online Backup is affordable. Only $10.99 a month.