Batch Emailing

A fully integrated email system that allows you to send a single email to a group of parents, employees or leads. With the Batch Emailing task, you can send customizable emails to as many people as you want as often as you want. You have the freedom to email your parents, employees or leads in a way that is unlike any other email provider.

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CCM Batch Emailing

Common Uses

  • Snow days:  Alert parents and/ or employees of upcoming snow days.
  • Center closings :Alert parents or employees of scheduled school closings.
  • Field trips:Notify parents when a center’s classroom or program is going on a field trip.
  • Fill your wait list: Email current families or leads when you have openings available.
  • Child reminders:  Notify a parent when you want to remind them of a special requirement.
  • Tuition payment reminders:  Notify parents when a tuition payment is coming due.
  • Late Payment Reminders: Notify Parents when they are late on a payment.
  • Special events:  Notify parents of special events.
  • Employee Meetings:  Remind staff of upcoming meetings and events.
  • Announcements: Send out announcements
  • Holiday: Send parents a reminder of upcoming Holidays.


  • Efficiency: CCM Online’s Batch Emailing lets easily customize your emails so you can reach your desired audience in the shortest period of time.
  • Convenience: As a fully integrated tool in your Childcare Manager, you do not have input your parent, employee or lead emails into another address book. Once they are logged into a person’s data card they are now available in Batch Emailing.
  • Flexibility: There are no data caps in Batch Emailing so you can send as many emails a month as you would like. You can send these emails to as many people as you want, and you can send them any number of attachments regardless of size.
  • Customer Experience: Childcare Manager’s batch emailing capabilities improve customer satisfaction and experience because it makes their lives easier.
  • Response: Batch Emailing task allows you to track your emails so you can tell which ones were delivered and which were not. That way you can update or delete faulty emails from your system.
  • Personal: Various email options, including the Merge Fields allow you personalize your email so it seems like each email which specifically for the recipient.


  • Integration: Fully integrated in Childcare Manager
  • Flexibility: Capability to filter and send emails by:
    Family Filters Child Filters Employee Filters Lead Filters
    Family Status Child Status Employee Status Lead Status
    Family Group Child Program Employee Department Lead Source
    Family Referral Source Child Primary Classroom Employee Position Date Created
    First Contact Date Child Currently Clock-in Status Date
    Family Balance Child Wait List Date Child Program
    Child Withdrawal Date Child Date of Birth
    Child Enrollment Date Child Classroom


  • Unlimited batch emails and zero data caps for only $15.99 per month.